Natural Machine Language is a new way to build apps

Natural Machine Language (NML) is a mark-up language we created that enables Datadipity. NML is an XML-based representation of app interface components. Clickslide’s Datadipity service compiles all connected data into NML and generates a data format (JSON,XML) that is easy to use in any app.

Below is a snippet of NML mapped to interface components that show how one can easily construct interfaces using NML structured data.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<MapListPage method="pearson:barcelonasearch" q="$$keywords$$">
    <title>Barcelona Eyewitness Guide</title>
    <pages xpath="/list/link">
            <pageText>Categories {string(@categories)}</pageText>

For each item in the MapListPage a MapPage is created by the system. You can see the visual relationships between NML and the app Graphic User Interface (GUI) in the image below.

NML to GUI relationships

NML to GUI relationships

NML v1 is not an extensible language but v2 will be.  We are still working on the full v2 specification but can tell you that it will eliminate the concept of pre-compiled data models. This will enable developers to mix and match components and extend our NML langauge by building custom data models.

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